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Staffing Solutions

These are just a few reasons to choose Apple Staffing, Inc.

  • QUALITY…Our applicants are completely tested for job skills and aptitudes. In depth interviews are conducted by our placement specialists to assess communication skills, attitude, professional appearance, and interpersonal skills.
  • COMPETENCE…Our computerized database will assist in quickly identifying the best available applicants for your position.
  • RECRUITING…Our staff is recognized for it’s strategic marketing campaigns to secure the best candidates for you!
  • ADVERTISING…We commit to weekly advertising via newspaper, radio, television, job fairs, career days, yellow pages, and the internet.
  • SAVINGS…Hiring the right people takes “time”…And time is money! Our service relieves you of this burden, allowing you more time to focus on your customers.
  • DEDICATION…Such as 24 hour access to our staff – Just one of the ways we do everything possible to meet your needs!
  • GUARANTEED…Whatever format you choose, our service is fully guaranteed.