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Trust Apple Staffing Inc, A Leader in The Metroplex Since 1968

As a leader in the Metroplex since 1968, Apple Staffing Inc is committed to finding the right people for your manufacturing, industrial, or start-up construction company. We are available 24/7 throughout Irving, TX, and surrounding areas, so that you can receive the help and support you need.

Whether you have a large company or are just starting one, we can boost your productivity levels with top-notch employees and industrial staffing. Do what is right for your business, and achieve the staff volume you need with our help.

We are here for our client companies 24/7 ‒ and no matter when you call, you’ll always hear a personal, friendly voice as we optimize your team with the right employees. We look forward to speaking with you!

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Industries We Work With

We are happy to work with mainly manufacturing, industrial, and general start-up construction companies for staffing. Our team can tailor a staffing solution to maximize your productivity and meet each of your project’s needs.

We Are Ready to Serve You

Our expert staffing team is ready to partner with your business and find the right employees for you. With our longevity in the community combined with our flexibility, we are devoted to delivering personalized service to your situation.

As a locally owned and operated company, we can dedicate as much time as needed to meet your specific needs. If you are overwhelmed on the job-hunting side of things, we can connect you with a company that will benefit from your skills and knowledge.

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Featured Job Posting

An Irving Texas Based Company is looking for people to fill bags of wood chips and other miscellaneous tasks.

  • Skills Required:
  • Working With Wood and Sawdust
  • Bagging Wood Chips
  • Carrying 50LB Bags

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